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Personal Injury

Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Case Type: Injury in Lebanon Tennessee

Case Details:  Our client was injured in an accident which was not his fault in Wilson County Tennessee and suffered injury to his shoulder requiring surgery. The surgery was not able to repair all the damage and our client was unable to resume his job of 30 years. The injury ended up requiring a second surgery and our client lost his job.

Result: We negotiated with the insurance company, but they did not want to offer a fair settlement for our client. In order that he be able to keep his house and expenses, we assisted him during this process in getting his social security disability benefits. After setting the case for trial, the insurance company offered a fair settlement of $262,000 to our client.

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Case Type: Car Accident in Wilson County Tennessee (Lebanon)

Case Details:  Our client was rear ended by another vehicle. He suffered a very painful neck injury. The at-fault party's insurance company alleged our client was fabricating his injuries and was not injured as seriously as he was. Our client had to have a wire mesh "cage" implanted in his neck to relieve the pain.

Result: After a jury trial, our client was awarded $369,000 plus lifetime medical coverage for treatment arising from the injury he received in the accident.

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Case Type: Car Accident in Houston County, Tennessee

Case Details:  Our client was injured by a commercial truck in Houston County Tennessee and suffered a pelvic fracture, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

 Result: After settlement negotiations, the at-fault company's insurance settled with our client for $425,000 plus lifetime medical treatment arising from the injuries caused in the accident.

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Case Type:  Car Accident in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee


Case Details:  Keith Williams represented client who suffered knee injury in a car accident in which she was not at fault.


Result:  .Assertive negotiations with at fault party's insurance company resulted in a $100,000 settlement for our client's knee injury.

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Case Details: Our client is a truck driver who was injured in an accident in Nashville and they were not at fault.  The insurance company for the at-fault party would not make a fair settlement offer for our client so we prepared our client’s case and took it to court.

Results: Our client received a $324,000 judgment at trial.
Read More Case Type:  Personal Injury  - Trucking Accident
Case Details: Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer truck and the truck was at fault.  He suffered extensive physical injuries requiring several surgeries, including severe brain damage which is permanent. He will require years of therapy and never be able to take care of himself.  We brought action against the at fault parties and settled before trial, giving our client and his family the financial help they need in order to provide him with the necessary lifetime of care resulting from this terrible accident.
Result: Confidential Settlement
Read More Case Type: Workers Compensation in Watertown, Tennessee

Case Details:  Maintenance worker injured both shoulders.

Result: Keith Williams was able to obtain a $100,000 settlement and client was able to return to job.
Read More Case Type: Workers Compensation in Carthage, Tennessee

Case Details:  Client was injured in vehicle accident while delivering furniture and suffered spinal injuries.

Result: Keith was able to negotiate a settlement for $75,000 lump sum and payment over the next 20 years to equal $125,000.
Read More Case Type: Personal Injury in Wilson County, Tennessee

Case Details:  Keith Williams represented the victim injured in an auto accident by a drunk driver.

Result: Case was settled for $100,000, which was the maximum the victim could recover.
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Case Type: Personal Injury in Sumner County, Tennessee

Case Details:  Our client, a wife and mother, was driving in her vehicle when she was hit by a truck. The violent impact caused an accident in which our client suffered several serious injuries. Tragically, she ended up losing one of her legs as a result of the accident.

 Result: After a lengthy jury trial, our client was awarded in excess of $6,000,000. This judgment is the largest ever awarded in a Sumner County injury lawsuit.

Read More Case Type:  Personal Injury in Smith County

Case Details: Keith Williams represented the victim of an automobile accident.

Result: After a trial, the jury awarded our client in excess of $380,000.
Read More Case Type:  Workers Compensation in Macon County

Case Details:  Keith Williams represented an employee who received such a severe injury at their workplace that they were left permanently disabled.

Result:  After a bench trial, the Judge awarded our client in excess of $540,000 plus medical benefits for life

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