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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Read More Violation: Rape

Facing: Up to 30 years imprisonment

Result: All charges dropped!

Additional Details: In this instance, Frank Lannom's client was a Kentucky resident working in Nashville Tennessee as a store manager. The client was charged with rape of a twenty year old young woman. The charge of rape carried a minimum of 8 years imprisonment and could be sentenced up to 30 years if convicted, with mandatory lifetime community supervision and mandatory sexual offender registry. After two years of representation and a lengthy preliminary hearing wherein the young woman's credibility was challenged by Mr. Lannom, the State of Tennessee dismissed all charges.
Read More Violation: Aggravated Domestic Assault

Facing: Up to 15 years imprisonment; Fine of up to $15,000.00

Result: Client released from jail, no further jail time required

Additional Details: The client was charged with aggravated domestic assault based on allegations of serious abuse and injuries to his wife. The police testified that the client's wife was found face down in a pool of blood, with the house littered with bullet holes. As in most domestic abuse allegations, the accused was under a conditional bond, prohibiting him from living in his own home and speaking to his wife of twenty years. The wife then began calling and visiting the husband and the two violated other bail conditions of drinking and use of other illegal substances while together, which resulted in the client's bond being revoked. Mr. Lannom conducted a sentencing hearing whereupon the client was released from jail and no further jail time was required.
Read More Violation: Attempted First Degree Murder (Class A Felony)

Facing: Minimum of 15 years, up to 60 years imprisonment without parole or probation

Result: No jail time for the client!

Additional Details: Frank Lannom and Melanie Bean represented a well known and well liked horse breeder and trainer. The gentleman was arrested and held without bail for three days before being indicted for attempted first degree murder. The charges stemmed from an alleged shooting which the state contended was a shotgun blast at point blank range of an unarmed man. The charge of attempted first degree murder is a Class A Felony carrying a minimum of 15 years in prison, without parole or probation for up to a maximum of 60 years. If convicted, the lowest sentence possible was 15 years. After one year of representation by the firm, the client's case was settled without a trial with client receiving zero days in jail, allowing him to return home to his farm.
Read More Violation: Attempted First Degree Murder (Class A Felony)

Facing: Minimum of 15 years, up to 60 years imprisonment without parole or probation

Result: All charges dismissed.

Additional Details: In a case that lasted 11 years, Frank Lannom finally won complete dismissal of all charges against a citizen accused of attempted first degree murder. The client was accused of shooting an unarmed man on a public road, resulting in the person shot becoming permanently paralyzed. Thorough investigation by Frank and his investigators uncovered numerous witnesses who could testify that the alleged victim had previously threatened the life of our client. In an unusual action, the charge began as aggravated assault, and then the State changed the charge and resubmitted the case to the Grand Jury, receiving the Attempted First Degree Murder indictment. If convicted, the lowest sentence possible was 15 years. The new charges were aggressively challenged by Frank Lannom and his team of lawyers and investigators, and the matter was carried to the Tennessee Supreme Court. After a delay of over four years where the state did not pursue the case, new prosecutors inexplicably began a forceful prosecution of the case. Fortunately, with Frank and Melanie's successful application of a rarely used violation of the client's right to a speedy trial, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED, based upon the government's inexcusable delay, lost files, missing witnesses and other results of the delay that prevented the client from receiving a fair trial. Not to be outdone, the Government then appealed the Judge. The dismissal of all charges was upheld by the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. My client, Kenneth Harris, has given his permission to use his name within this article; therefore we have attached a copy of the opinion of the court appellate. With the client's permission you may read the opinion of the Court of Criminal Appeals by clicking on the link as follows: State of Tennessee v. Kenneth Bryan Harris

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