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Expungement Attorney Lebanon & Mt Juliet TN

Experienced Lebanon and Mt. Juliet Tennessee Attorneys
The Tennessee Legislature has enacted a law effective July 1, 2012 that might allow you, under certain circumstances, to have your criminal convictions expunged. Eligibility for expungement is applicable to some misdemeanors and felonies; however, there are restrictions on what convictions qualify. Given the severe consequences a criminal conviction has on you and your family, from job opportunities to home buying, you should embrace the opportunity to attempt to have your record expunged.

One requirement is that the individual has never been convicted of another criminal offense. However, if you are charged with more than one offense at the time of the offense for which petition is being sought and it is a nonviolent qualifying offense, you may still be eligible. The defendant must have also satisfied all of the conditions of the court, such as paying court costs and restitution and have maintained compliance with their probation. Finally, the law requires that a minimum of five (5) years have passed since the completion of all court requirements before expungement can be sought.

Additional restrictions, which can be found under T.C.A 40-32-101, are that the offense does not involve a firearm, the offense does not require that the defendant register as a sex offender, and that the victim did not sustain a loss of more than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). Another requirement of eligibility is that the offense be one that is "nonviolent" in nature meaning that "the offense does not have as element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or property of another”.

If you meet the requirements for expungement under the new law, a well drafted petition is vitally important. Since the government has the option to oppose the petition, qualified representation is a must and Frank Lannom and his team at Lannom & Williams have the experience to provide it for you.

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